Fascinating and exceptional facts of human body

Some magnificent features of human body-

  1. We have highly concentrated acid with pH <2.5 in our stomach. If you extract it out and put few drops on your palm, it will literally make a hole in it and will come out ! Still, we don’t feel its existence in routine life.
  2. Human body is >70% of water. But, still it stays upright and doesn’t drain away! As per science, anything which has more than >15% liquidity, can’t withstand as a whole. So, next time if someone gets dizzy and fall down, just consider that someone is trying to flow on ground :)
  3. Your brain is actually most functional when you sleep (to regain the energy), but you don’t know just because you are sleeping! So, think before you sleep:)
  4. Your body has two hearts but second one is not heart shaped. Scientists took very long time to find it out! So, if someone says he/she stole my heart, use another one on temporary basis please :)
  5. Biggest organ of your body is not your small intestine, its your skin! It’s unbroken cover with different thickness in different areas.
  6. Your spinal-cord works faster than your brain! So, if someone says that you are brainless, you can inform them that you still have a spinal cord :)
  7. Human nose can detect 1 Trillion smells ! But still, a smell of fart is not considered as top listed, so don’t get offensive :)
  8. With comparatively huge body surface area, human body is considered as one of the most sensible creature on earth with highest variety of emotions (25 different type of emotions)!
  9. If you train your eyes well, in collaboration with brain, human eye has capacity to see >180 degree with keeping vision straight!
  10. Human memory cells can survive up to 75 years! For women, it can be longer (probably for lifetime) :)
  11. When you speak so loudly to someone, chances of hearing are getting less. Human ears concentrate more when someone speaks slowly! So, don’t shout :)
  12. You never die in your dream. You will always survive somehow in your dream. Some people can actually know in their dream that they are dreaming! The moment you die in your dream, you will die in real life (it’s fact)!



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